Tuesday, 16 October 2007

What? Newham worst in the country?


A Channel 4 poll has stated that Newham is the third worst place to live in the UK. This especially hurt the East London borough’s Mayor Sir Robin Wales who furiously disputed the poll.

The independent survey was based on data from bodies including local authorities, the Home Office and the Office For National Statistics.
Researchers ranked the best and worst UK places for the Channel 4 show Location, Location, Location.

Middlesbrough was top of the list, followed by Hull and then Newham.

While Newham does have its lows i.e. unemplyment, crime and poor education results, it surely has its highs. I live in Newham, and have never felt like I am living in the 3rd worst place in the whole country.

Believe me, Newham is not that bad!

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