Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Now Newham children join in Channel 4 protest

A group of children from Newham today protested outside Channel Four in response to it’ survey that ranked the borough as the 3rd worst place to live in the UK.

The independent survey was based on data from bodies such as local authorities, the Home Office and the Office For National Statistics.

Researchers ranked the best and worst UK places for the Channel 4 show <Location, Location, Location.

The school chidlren and some young people sang a song praising Newham and also presented the Channel 4 staff with a hamper of food items from Newham, including Indian sweets.

I can’t understand why only children went out to protest.

Surely, if Newham was far from the worst place to live, then adults, community leaders, cultural groups would have turned out in full force to protest?

I’m also not convinced that the sweets from Newham will change Channel 4’s view of the place, bearing in mind the programme is being shown tonight.

Anyway, happy eating to those who got the food hamper!

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