Thursday, 4 October 2007

Man dies in Ilford bus No. 25 horror

I have ridden on the bus 25 countless times and have never had a big problemwith it really. The bendy bus runs from Oxford Circus right through to Ilford.

But it has been slammed by a number of people for varius things, including being overcrowded. Some have had items pinched on the bus.

I recall speaking to a woman who was new to Stratford and telling her she could take the Bus 25 to get to stratford. She seemed horrified at my suggstion. Apparently, a policeman had warned her against that bus, he described it as probably one of the most dangerous buses inLondon.

Only last week a 21-year old man died after being dragged for more than a mile under the wheels of a bendy bus.

The passenger was getting off the bus in east London at 5.05am with a friend when he slipped and fell under the wheels.

The bus only stopped when the driver was alerted by passers-by at the junction of Ilford High Road and Rabbits Road in Ilford.

No, this is not linked to what the policeman is menat to have said about bus 25. It is a separate incident – clearly no foul play.

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Anonymous said...

What can I say - I guess he was "Bus-ted"!