Friday, 26 June 2009

Stinking fine for animal products factory in Silverton

Silvertown residents can now breathe after an animal by-product factory was taken to court for causing them stinking nightmares.

John Knight(Animal By-Products) Ltd, caused the smell by leaving flesh out in the open air at their premises in Knights Road, Silvertown.

The smell was described by some as "sickening" and by others as "rancid". Many complained that they were unable to open their windows due to the smell from the factory.

The factory receives deliveries of animal by-products, collected from around the United Kingdom and brought to the site by road. These include parts of slaughtered animals not intended for human consumption.

The animal by-products are used to produce meat and bone meal which are used in pet food and tallow which can be used in many household products including soap, cosmetics and paint.

The company claimed it used the best available technology to minimise odours and investigate complaints immediately. It was ordered to pay £20,000.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Shocking number of poor children in East London

A recent report shows that East London has the poorest children in the country.

With 69% of Newham’s children growing up in struggling families, the borough was revealed to be one of the most deprived boroughs in London. It scored lower overall than neighbouring Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

Research conducted by the City Parochial Foundation and New Policy Institute, shows that London is the most deprived region in the UK and the East of the capital is worst affected.

The research looked at issues like children in workless families, low paid residents, infant deaths and households in temporary accommodation

4in10: The End Child Poverty London Project is highlighting the need for action to address Newham’s child poverty following the release of ‘London’s Poverty Profile’.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Dead man gets eviction warning – three years late

A widow this week got perhaps the most disturbing letter in her life from housing chiefs at Hackney Homes.

The organisation wrote to her late husband, war veteran Dennis Isherwood, asking him to curb his anti-social behaviour. Mr Isherwood died three years ago.

The letter said he'd face eviction if he didn't comply.

Distressed Mrs Isherwood told the Hackney Gazette : “I sat down and cried because this is incredibly upsetting and disturbing. Dennis was a much-loved person and a fun-loving guy. This blackens his name and isn’t fair.”

When the issue was brought to their attention, Hackney Homes said a complaint was received about abandoned vehicles and this letter was an initial request to Mr Isherwood to discuss it.

The organisation admitted it was not aware he had died.