Friday, 29 May 2009

Essex's Diversity wins Britain's Got Talent 2009

Essex dance group Diversity has worked hard to win this year's Britain’s Got Talent. Some of the 11 guys come from Dagenham, Leytonstone and Rainham.

Recently, young Ashton Russell, who plays Michael Jackson in the musical Thriller, said his Dagenham school, Robert Clack, helped him get ahead with his stuff.

With youngsters getting this far this soon, there’s no doubt there’s more opportunities out there to exploit. It also demands hard work too. Diversity’s Ashley Banjo says you have to take opportunities when they come along.

“We did lots of dangerous stuff, and at one point little Perri was 12ft in the air. It was much more difficult than our earlier stuff. We knew we had to push it to the next level to get through,” he adds.

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