Friday, 22 May 2009

Britain's First Somalian Mayor hails from Tower Hamlets

What do you know about the Somalian community here? You might what to add onto your list Ahmed Omer, the first Somalian to be elected a mayor in Britain.

Omer, who represents Bow East, came to Britain in the 1970’s. He now lives in Bethnal Green and works for the East London Somali Welfare Centre.

I told a Somalian friend of mine about this development, and she was surprised - apparently she’d never heard of Ahmed Omer or his appointment(despite living in Tower Hamlets for a while). Nevertheless she seemed pleased.

There are quite a few places in East London where you can find out more about Somalians here. For example the Somali Employment and Training organisation works closely with this community to discuss the challenges they face and help place them in employment. The organisation says this community faces 'multiple challenges'.

The organisation also aims to help cut poverty and isolation amongst refugees from Somalia.

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