Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New Brick Lane book

Brick Lane is one of my favourite places in East London. I like the long winding lane’s crowd, from the curry touts to the city and bohemian visitors.

Now another book’s due for release on the place. I remember reading Monica Ali’s ‘Brick Lane’ and sighing ‘wow’ when I finished it.

East London born Rachel Lichtenstein's ‘On Brick Lane’ could be just as palatable, with an expected historical twist.

Her grandparents arrived in Brick Lane during the 1930s. The Jewish community remained there until the 1960s when a new wave of Asian Immigrants poured in.

“I was fascinated by the immigration experience which was common to all the communities which settled here,” she says, adding that, “The Bangladeshi community went through the same struggles as the Jewish community to stay in the area and fought hard to have a place.”

Look out for it on book shelves on August 28

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