Monday, 11 August 2008

Cowboy builders strike in Woodford

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned – warned – that there's a bogus charity worker doing the rounds in Ilford. She knocks on doors asking for money, claiming to present a charity.

Once the cash hits her hands, she’s gone. Now the Walthamstow Guardian reports that police in the Snaresbrook and Woodford area are cracking down on cold callers, or shall we say, door-to-door salesmen after a cowboy builder fleeced a pensioner of
a £1000.

As with the bogus charity worker, this ‘builder’ spoke convincingly. So much, in fact, that the pensioner allowed him to work in his home without asking for his address or surname, before he disappeared.

It’s hard to believe there’s still such trusting people out there. Or are they simply vulnerable?

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