Monday, 2 June 2008

Romford traders cabbages and big screen woes?

There’s few dull momments at Romford market – noisy traders outdoing themselves as they holler prices, shoppers darting about and bustling for a bargain.

For traders and shoppers alike, there’s going to be more to look forward to with new plans to have a giant screen right in the market square.

Havering Council, who is behind the plan, says it’s part of its strategy to ‘re-energise the historical Market Place.’ Excuse my ignorance, but I’m a bit baffled by how a market place can be re-energised. Any explanations out there?

No doubt it means well. From what I gather, the screen will show big football games and top events, making the market place a shopping and cultural venue.

Some of these big screens, Havering Council says, can also allow members of the crowd to participate in interactive games and compete against people in other towns using the advanced technology. Impressive.

I’d like to know if these screens will be used for advertising. Will the Council invite companies to advertise their goods and services on these screens for a whopping fee?

The big screens may suddenly turn from being a terrific form of entertainment to a daylight horror for traders if Tesco advertises its cabbages for £1 when they are selling them for twice as much.

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