Monday, 30 June 2008

Bogus charity worker hits Ilford

Residents in Ilford have been told to be on the alert for a drug addict pretending to be a charity worker.

According to the Ilford Recorder, the gaunt woman asks people to donate to a leukaemia charity, but uses the proceeds to fund her drug habit instead.

While I see a drug addict pulling this off, I wonder how many people out there don’t know the basics of dealing with door-knockers?

Last year, Newham Council warned that in such situations, residents should ask for some form of identification and, if still uncertain, find out a bit more about the organisation being represented.

This was the time bogus plumbers and builders were doing the rounds.

The Recorder says one resident who donated in the past chased the suspect to demand the money back.

This may not be the wisest thing, as such crooks may be armed with knives and one could get seriously hurt over money unwisely given.

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