Saturday, 15 December 2007

Plaistow event highlights safety

The drizzle failed to put a damper on the buzz at the Newham community forum held recently in Plaistow.

This event was arranged to get residents to mingle and mainly discuss crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

There were lots of stalls and activities, and many families came along.

The Police had a strong presence at the event. Sgt Richard Egan who is based in East Ham said there has been an increase in youth carrying knives.

‘What we try and do is to educate them not to carry knives. We go to schools – I recently went to Newham College to talk to them,’ he said.

He also told the young people that although they think they are carrying knives for protection, a lot of the time, that very knife is taken off them and used against them.

I asked him why these young people did not turn to the police for protection instead, and he said: “They think it is not cool and we are trying to turn that attitude around.”