Monday, 10 December 2007

Stratford Sprinter shakes off drug shame


I have been quiet for a few days now. Although my head was buried in some stuff elsewhere, my feet were rooted right here in good old East London.

So much has good stuff has happened meanwhile. In Stratford, for example, our very own sprinter Christine Ohuruogu won her appeal against a lifetime Olympic ban for missing three out-of-competition drugs tests. Christine went on to clinch the women’s 400m World Champion title. Well done girl!

And the news that Ken Livingston has given the go-ahead for about two train stations to be renamed got hopes high in Brick Lane, as some folk there have made it clear they’d like Aldgate East tube station’s name changed to Brick Lane tube station.

Although this request was not granted, I’d like to think the Mayor’s office will give it a serious think. Soon perhaps?

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