Friday, 21 August 2009

Great way to end nutty sales

Children and their famlies have been saved from eating dangerous peanut butter sold in local shops.

Health officers from Newham Council confiscated and destroyed about 200 plastic containers of groundnut products manufactured in Ghana by Jesu Aka Ltd. They are distributed by Marduro UK Ltd.

Many of them were seized in the borough's Green Street area in Upton Park. However, the council's food safety team have warned there could be many more circulating in Newham and across London.

The brands, which are sold widely in Afro Caribbean shops, contain levels of aflatoxins which are way above recommended levels.

Aflatoxins are a type of toxin found naturally in some foods that have been linked with cancer when eaten at high levels. There are strict limits on the level of aflatoxins in foods imported into the UK and the rest of the European Union.

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