Friday, 3 July 2009

Students jam Brick Lane brewery with art

Brick Lane’s drawing masses of arty types again.

This time it’s the annual art and design show at the Old Truman Brewery. The Free Range 2009 exhibition is Europe's largest graduate art and design show with free admission (phew).

In this mix of it all, you’ll find work from students from the University of East London.

Take Barbara Bargiel, for instance. She studies at the university and lives in Hackney.

She says of her work: “My current research revolves around grotesque figures such as the court jester, the mime, the clown. I am intrigued by people’s behaviour from the masks hat each of us put on, willingly or not. In my belief, everyone is a clown. We all pose and pretend and it is unpredictable, endless. To reflect this I embody different characters ‘in’ myself by dressing up and posing as a clown or mime.”

She makes you want to make your way to the crowded and oh-so-mad Brick Lane to see their stuff.

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