Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What happens when bashment folk find millions?

The Hackney Empire promises to sizzle you this weekend with a tale about ordinary folk who find themselves with a stash of cash (a whoooooping $12million!). Now with the miserable credit crunch mood around town, you don’t know if this kind of story is appealing or if it’s a real put off.

Either way, Bashment Granny 2 will at least entertain you, if anything. Here’s a tip – look out for the pretty bar maid and the jail bird, they could get away with the cash. And what about the rightful owner of the money - would you seek him and return the money? I think that’s what Mr Bashment and Constable Shebada ought to do.

This hocus pocus show is filled with Jamaican anecdotes, in a story that explores friendship, loyalty and the trials of money (or having too much of it!).

Contact 0208 985 2424 to book your ticket.

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