Monday, 9 February 2009

Crazy snow fall shows loopholes

The heavy snow has come and gone (hopefully) and, besides reminding some of us that we do need to get a pair of wellies, it caught local authorities with their pants down.

Borough councils were unable to carry out their usual waste collections because of the conditions of the roads, and there have been complaints about rubbish piling up.

Last week, Newham Council, for example, told residents that their rubbish would be collected a week later.

Then there is the issue of gritting – or lack of it rather. Newham Council confirmed reports that local authorities were caught unprepared by the snow when it said in a statement: “As you may be aware through publicity in the media, there is an issue about the availability and supply of salt/grit both locally and nationally.”
Perhaps, the next time a disaster strikes, they’ll be better prepared?

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