Monday, 10 November 2008

Teenager slain on Ilford High Street

Only a few weeks ago I mentioned that Ilford is becoming less safe (see Mon 13.10.08).

For now just walking on the High Road might cause some to shudder, such as the friends of the teenager Nabil Bakurally (19) who was stabbed to death there this weekend.

Nabil (pictured) is the 28th teenager to have died in a violent incidence in London this year. The Evening Standard says he was killed in a suspected row with a group of rival Asian men in the area, adding that that tensions between Mauritian and Indian teenagers in the area have been high for weeks and Nabil may have inadvertently been drawn into the feud.

If this is true, are these particular Indian v Mauritian ‘gang’ problems known to the police and what is the Asian community in Ilford doing to diffuse them?

Why wait for someone to be murdered for the problem to be brought to the surface?


Anonymous said...

there is no tensions between mauritians and asians!this is just bullshit from the press.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is Ashik was a caring boy and did not deserve to be killed in such a way... R.I.P bruv we all miss you and we still think of you each and every day. We hope you get the peace you deserve. lots of luv zaynah x