Monday, 14 July 2008

Have a go at ‘running’ Newham’s hospital

Suppose that for one day, tomorrow, you were in charge of all Newham’s
health services.

Then let your thoughts drift further and consider how you
would use your time to shape the future of health in the borough.

In simple terms, that opportunity to have your voice heard is the principle
behind the forthcoming Newham Health Debate.

Over the coming months the Newham Primary Care Trust will be introducing a series of events in which local residents will be asked about the kind of health services they want.

When the process is complete the Trust will analyse the information, identify the priorities and then set about acting on the results.

Look out for the first of these events – which is a survey questionnaire that will be distributed throughout the borough and available online.

This will be followed by a workshop and then a will be a live question-time meeting.

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