Monday, 5 November 2007

Newham cops bungle with local councillor

Newham police have recently been in trouble with a local Christian People Alliance councillor, Simeon Ademolake.

According to the CPA’s newsletter, Simeon and his wife Grace were at home when two policemen and a bailiff unlawfully entered their home and harassed Grace and destroyed photographic evidence of their assault on Simeon, who ended up in hospital.

I tried to grasp what actually happened here and I imagined Grace, probably, taking pictures while her poor husband was being assaulted.

Then I pictured the hefty bailiff grab the camera from Grace and trample it under his big boots (while the policemen kept punching or shoving Simeon around).

The question is who do you call when police are attacking you brutally? Clearly not the Police!

But wait – there’s more – Simeon was then charged! I know … it’s shocking.

My eyes raced to the end of the newsletter to find out what became of this bizarre case.

A picture of Simeon and his colleagues Cllrs Alan Craig and Denise Stafford smiling and sipping champagne gave a good hint.

The verdict: Simeon was completely cleared by Snaresbrook Crown Court of assaulting police.

Is police misbehaviour unique to East London? Simeon may have the answer.

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